Punyatithi invitation card tempalate download 020724

Template Description: This Punyatithi Invitation Card Template is designed specifically for the occasion of Barsi (Hindi term for the death anniversary). It is a solemn and respectful invitation card that can be used to invite friends, family, and loved ones to commemorate the Punyatithi ceremony. The template is available in both CDR (CorelDRAW) and PSD (Adobe Photoshop) file formats, allowing you to choose the software that suits your preference. The file size is set to 5×7 inches, which is a standard size for invitation cards. The design of the template features a serene and elegant background, with subtle elements that symbolize remembrance and reverence. The text is written in Hindi, conveying the details of the Punyatithi ceremony, such as the date, time, and venue. By downloading this Punyatithi Invitation Card Template, you can easily customize it with your own personal information and make it unique to your specific event. It provides a convenient and professional way to invite your guests and honor the memory of your loved one. Please note that the template is for personal use only and should not be used for commercial purposes without proper authorization. 

File type



5×8 inch


600 dpi