Hanuman mahotsav invitation card template 161223

Below is a template description for a Hanuman Jayanti and Hanuman Mahotsav invitation card. This description can be used to promote a downloadable CDR and PSD file for users to customize and use for their events. We are delighted to present an exquisite invitation card template for Hanuman Jayanti and Hanuman Mahotsav, designed to add a touch of divinity and grandeur to your celebration. Easily personalize the date, time, and venue details to suit your specific event schedule. The template allows you to make these adjustments effortlessly. The color palette is carefully selected to resonate with the spiritual significance of Hanuman Jayanti. Radiant hues of saffron, green, and gold create an inviting and festive atmosphere. Once personalized, print the invitation cards or share them digitally to spread the joy of Hanuman Jayanti and Mahotsav. Celebrate the auspicious occasion of Hanuman Jayanti and Hanuman Mahotsav with our exquisite invitation card template! This intricately designed invitation captures the essence of devotion and spirituality, perfect for inviting friends, family, and loved ones to join in the joyous festivities. Join us in commemorating the divine presence of Lord Hanuman. Download our Hanuman Jayanti & Hanuman Mahotsav Invitation Card Template today and make your celebrations truly special.

File type



4×8 inch


600 dpi