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Naamkaran Invitation Card template, available for download in CDR and PSD file formats. This beautifully designed template is perfect for creating personalized and memorable invitation cards for your Naamkaran ceremony. With its elegant and traditional design elements, this template captures the essence of this auspicious occasion. The CDR and PSD file formats ensure that you can easily customize the template to reflect your unique style and preferences. The template features a well-organized layout, making it easy to add your own text, names, dates, and other important details. Whether you’re a graphic designer or an individual planning a Naamkaran ceremony, you’ll find this template user-friendly and highly customizable.This means that you can edit the template using the software you’re most comfortable with.By downloading this template, you’ll have access to a high-quality design that will help you create stunning and personalized Naamkaran invitation cards. Impress your guests and make a lasting impression with our Naamkaran Invitation Card template.

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5×8 Inch


600 dpi