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The template description for the Krishi Kendra Bill Book CDR file free download is as follows: The Krishi Kendra Bill Book CDR file template is a free downloadable file that is designed specifically for Krishi Kendra businesses. It is a comprehensive and user-friendly template that helps in creating professional and organized bill books for agricultural supply stores. The template includes all the necessary sections and fields required for a bill book, such as the business name, logo, address, contact details, customer details, product details, quantity, rate, total amount, and payment details. It also provides space for additional notes or terms and conditions. The Krishi Kendra Bill Book CDR file template is created in CorelDRAW (CDR) format, which is a popular vector graphics editor. This allows users to easily customize and modify the template according to their specific business requirements. The CDR file format ensures high-quality printing and professional-looking bill books. By downloading and using this template, Krishi Kendra businesses can save time and effort in designing and creating bill books from scratch. It provides a professional and organized format for generating accurate and detailed bills for their customers. Please note that this template is provided for free download and can be used for personal and commercial purposes. 

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