Guru Ghasidas Jayanti Invitation Card Template 251223

Template Description: Guru Ghasidas Jayanti Invitation Card Template This invitation card template is designed to celebrate Guru Ghasidas Jayanti, a significant festival honoring the birth anniversary of Guru Ghasidas, a revered spiritual leader. The template is available in both CDR (CorelDRAW) and PSD (Adobe Photoshop) file formats, ensuring compatibility with popular design software. The invitation card size is 4×8 inches, providing ample space for personalized messages, event details, and vibrant visuals. The design features elements inspired by Guru Ghasidas Jayanti, such as traditional motifs, religious symbols, and a festive color palette. With this template, you can easily customize the invitation card to suit your specific event requirements. Add your own text, change colors, insert images, and incorporate your organization’s logo to create a unique and visually appealing invitation. To download the Guru Ghasidas Jayanti Invitation Card Template in CDR and PSD file formats, simply click on the provided download link. Once downloaded, you can open the template in your preferred design software and start customizing it to reflect the spirit of Guru Ghasidas Jayanti. Celebrate Guru Ghasidas Jayanti in style with this beautifully designed invitation card template. Spread the joy and invite your friends, family, and community members to join in the festivities and honor the teachings of Guru Ghasidas.

File type



4×8 inch


600 dpi