Bhavya Dashara mahotsav invitation card 211023

Certainly! Below is a description for a Bhavya Dashara Mahotsav (Grand Dashara Festival) invitation card template that is available for download in both CDR (CorelDRAW) and PSD (Adobe Photoshop) file formats. Embrace the grandeur of Dashara with our Bhavya Dashara Mahotsav Invitation Card Template. This meticulously crafted design captures the essence of this magnificent Hindu festival, where the victory of good over evil is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm. The template embodies the traditional aesthetics of Dashara with intricate artwork, vibrant colors, and cultural motifs that pay homage to the festival’s rich heritage. The template is fully customizable in both CDR and PSD formats, allowing you to personalize the invitation according to your preferences. Change text, fonts, colors, and images with ease. Bhavya Dashara Mahotsav Invitation Card Template brings the spirit of Dashara to life with its exquisite design. Invite your friends and family to join in the festivities and celebrate the triumph of good over evil in style. Download the CDR and PSD files today and start creating unforgettable Dashara invitations.

File type



4×9 inch


600 dpi